Introducing the power of ___yet
20 Aug 2018 - LDN

Introducing the power of ___yet

An exciting collaboration between Forever Beta, Google Creative Lab and Google Marketing to launch Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Google Digital Garage is a place where anyone can pick up the skills they need to help fulfill their potential, with free in-person training - an amazing initiative from Google that demanded a simple and powerful creative idea.

After a collaborative sprint working with Google Creative Lab and Google Marketing, we landed on the idea of ___yet. A single word that packs a hell of a punch. A single word that turns all the things you haven’t done, into things you haven’t done__yet. It could be a cool business idea that you haven’t started yet, or a website you haven’t built yet. And it all starts with a visit to the Google Digital Garage.

The __yet idea was integrated into every media channel and touchpoint, including digital OOH, press, radio, PR, social, in store and a film for TV made by Creative Lab. The Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh opened its doors on the 16th July 2018.

For more information visit the Google Digital Garage website.