This isn’t just a burger...
16 Jul 2018 - LDN

This isn’t just a burger...

It beats the ‘Best Ever’ burger!

Every great barbecue needs three things – mates, sun, and a show-stopping burger as its centrepiece. So when Which? Magazine named Co-op’s Irresistible Hereford beef burgers the ‘best burger for your barbecue’ this was cause for celebration.

Not only did we beat Gourmet Burger Kitchen, we also topped M&S’ Best Ever Burger. By anyone’s definition, better than the ‘Best Ever’ is pretty good going.

Never ones to pass an opportunity by, we developed press and digital ads to commemorate the win with a cheeky nod to our competitors in our headline. The ad is live across national press all this week so check out your paper to see the real king of the grill this summer!

Congratulations to the award winning Co-op Delicious Food team.

See who else we beat.

This isn’t just a burger...