Meet Sup

A hyperlocal social app that alerts users when friends are nearby
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Startup from scratch

We’ve all been there, missed a friend when they’re only 20m away. Founders Robin, Rich and Al came up with a solution, Sup—a hyperlocal social app to bring friends together. They turned to the Forever Beta team to take the idea from concept to completion. Everything from brand identity to build, UX to UI, to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to show investors for funding.

In Beta

As part of Beta Labs’ incubator program, we handled the setup of the company, IP transfer, infrastructure, finance, operational setup and ongoing creative and design support. Since the start of our beta testing period we’ve seen a great user response, with a positive 3 day active user period on the app.

Sup time

After receiving endorsement from the Apple team, we chose to develop the app to work seamlessly with the Apple Watch.

Hitting the market

Sup will be available to users in London, USA and Asia in 2015. We’re excited to get the app to market so the world can see the benefits of using Sup to meet up with friends. Why? Because when friends come together great things can happen.