Trust the tech repair specialists


iSmash in expert hands

Trust the tech repair specialists


  • 12.12.2017


  • Creative concept
  • Social Media


  • 6 Sheet
  • 48 Digital Board
  • Phonebooths
  • Ticketgates
  • LEP’s
  • Digital banners
  • Social posts
  • TV

Your phone is your life. Your pictures. Your apps. Your banking. Your memories. You wouldn’t hand it over to a random normally, so why do it when it’s broken? iSmash, on the other hand, have a team of experts, transparent service and warranties that put the trust into the tech repair business.

In a world of dodgy backstreet shops and overpriced manufacturer repairs we set about positioning iSmash as the only place to go when your phone needs some TLC.

Hands on experience

iSmash technicians go through rigorous selection and training to ensure all phone repairs are quick and reliable. We developed a series of OOH executions to highlight the most important asset the technicians possess – their expert hands.

With copy that demonstrates the speed and reliability of the repairs on offer, the campaign was placed near local stores in order to maximise the footfall—we even created an animated version for digital placements that shows a little of the magic that comes with tech repair.

With premium photography showing off the beauty in a broken phone our campaign helps to prove that iSmash truly are the right experts for the job.

The campaign comprised of a series of premium outdoor executions driving to nearby stores, complemented by online and in-store activity.


In a fitting end to a great year, the campaign delivered really strong results showing you don’t need a megastar to hit the right note at Christmas.

Our advertising was

ranked #1

for generating positive sentiment out of all Christmas ads and earned us Co-op’s first 5* rating from David Reviews.

The business results echo this success:

Co-op was the only retailer to beat its 2017 growth rate

whilst our market share increased for the 7th period in a row.