Make your Mother’s Day


Make your Mother’s Day

Inspiring people to think a bit more about their mum


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Showing mums how special they really are

It’s that time of year again. The daffodils are out, the nights are getting lighter and all the retailers are putting Mother’s Day gifts on display. And there was our problem – how to make Co-op stand out from the crowd when they’re selling the same things as everyone else.

So, as well as reaching for the usual flowers, chocolates and cake we really wanted to inspire people to think a little bit more about mum and do something extra special that would really make her day. This way we could make more of an emotional connection and deliver that much needed stand out.


Roll camera! Roll tears!

There are so many ways to make your mum’s day. Some are more obvious but the best ones are personal, that one thing that only you know about your mum. It might be a walk together on her favourite beach, baking together like old times or reminiscing over old photos. A simple activity to show how much you care, that’s how you really make her day.

Emma wanted to do something really special for her mum – convert some old home movies not seen in decades into a digital format. In the 90 second film we watch Emma as she plans the best Mother’s Day ever. We see her in the loft searching for the films, visiting a specialist film shop, turning her mum’s front room into a cinema and then surprising her with the whole family gathered round. As the camera rolled so did the tears.

Lots of inspiring Mother’s Day ideas

Our film stars a real-life daughter called Emma, and her mum June. Emma was found through a series of Vox pops on the streets of London, where we asked numerous passers by the question: "How are you planning to make your mum’s day on Mother’s Day?". Out of lots of responses Emma's answer stood out. There was only one thing to do – turn her amazing idea into a social film.