Cheapflights Flying Stuntman


Cheapflights Flying Stuntman

Kicking off Cheapflights in blockbuster style


  • Brand strategy and design
  • Integrated comms campaigns
  • Innovation and ideations


  • TV
  • OOH
  • DOOH
  • Digital

Where the well travelled, travel well

In 2015, Cheapflights were a brand flying under most people’s radars. They needed to relaunch and make their name front of mind for anyone searching for a flight online.

Up, up and away

So how do you steal market share from the likes of Skyscanner and Kayak? Well, we decided to inject a bit of excitement and glamour with the help of a real life stuntman. A person who not only has to travel for a living but also has to make his own arrangements for getting there.

The hunk behind the hunk

Meet Jacob Tomuri, the real hero to the villains, stuntman to the stars and the leading man in our new TV ad. Check out all the behind-the-scenes action and see how we created an ad fit for the big screen.

Smart search. Made simple

Our campaign put Cheapflights front of mind for customers and turned them into a destination brand, firmly on the target audience’s consideration list. Stay tuned for the sequel.