Forever Beta + Hackney Winter Night Shelter
16 Nov 2018 - LDN

Forever Beta + Hackney Winter Night Shelter

Let’s find a route out of homelessness

Forever Beta are delighted to announce our new agency charity, Hackney Winter Night Shelter. Being based in Hackney this a cause close to our hearts with everyone in the agency wanting to give back to the community we call home. So we knew we had to get involved with this great response to the Hackney homeless crisis.

Hackney Winter Night Shelter works with homeless individuals each winter, offering them a hot meal, a warm bed and, most importantly, a route out of homelessness through the support of two dedicated advocate workers.

Drawing on our strategic and creative resources we will be working with the charity to develop a marketing campaign to boost fundraising and raise awareness of their vital work.

CEO Robin Gadsby said: “No one should be sleeping on the street - we will use all our resources at the agency and we will not stop until things change. We don’t just want to help, we want to solve the problem. We were founded on a 70/20/10 business model that we want to apply to this—the ultimate ambition isn’t to help a few, we want to find a solution for Hackney that can be rolled out across the UK and beyond”.

The partnership was launched at Forever Beta’s first Bonfire Night fundraising BBQ where we raised over £700 in collaboration with local artist Dave Buonaguidi (who donated 10 prints to auction for the cause).

We look forward to working closely with Hackney Winter Night Shelter to help them raise the funds they need and to boost the profile of their fantastic work in Hackney.

For more information on the charity, visit: www.hwns.org.uk.