Your phone in expert hands
5 Jun 2017 - LDN

Your phone in expert hands

iSmash & Forever Beta launch campaign and new category of phone repair specialists.

iSmash technicians go through a rigorous selection and training process to ensure that phone repairs are quick, and reliable. They are specialists in tech repair, and even wear white coats while putting your life back together. They have all the professionalism of manufacturer repair teams, but come with high-street convenience, and prices to match.

iSmash approached us to develop a series of OOH executions to help drive footfall to their stores across the country. To demonstrate the reliability and pace of iSmash repairs, we decided to highlight the most important asset the technicians have - their expert hands.

Partnering with David Gill we wanted to show off the beauty of a broken phone, and the surgical tools used to put them back together. With a premium style, and headlines that convey pace and expertise, our campaign helps to prove that iSmash truly are the right experts for the job.

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