Work Wherever App


A hyperlocal networking tool, connecting like minded business professionals in inspirational work places nearby

Work on the fly

The Work Wherever app is the world’s smartest working companion. It enables you to leverage the power of hyperlocality to find the best places to work near you—connect seamlessly to local wifi networks, collaborate with others, and receive local rewards for your mobility.

As part of our Beta Labs incubator program, we handled the setup of the company, IP transfer, infrastructure, finance, operational setup and ongoing creative and design support.

Save time, make time

Work Wherever empowers its users to find the best places for them to work whenever and wherever they are. Subsequently, they are more productive and efficient with their time and can meet and collaborate with new people easily and more often, which is where the magic happens, and leads to better ideas, jobs, and relationships.

Work time

We are currently building the Apple Watch version ready for launch. If you are in a specific location, you will be alerted when someone enters the same location. Watch this space.