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Great things can happen when you admit you’re a dummie

Our brief was to make For Dummies relevant to 18-35 yr olds. However, we found our target audience didn’t see For Dummies as a ‘brand that represented them’. The insight came when we looked at how these people described a dummy: dumb, stupid, and clueless.

Our strategy was very clear. We had to redefine what it meant to be a ‘dummie’. To do this we wanted to reclaim the word, changing the meaning from someone of low intellect to someone who is open to learning.

Initially this was done by creating an exciting digital campaign.

See your potential greatness

Dummie and proud

The centre piece of this idea was the iamadummie.com website, an immersive digital experience where people could feature and be a star in a Hollywood style movie trailer based on their potential greatness.

People could choose from 3 epic movie themes - saving the world from aliens, becoming the President of the USA or talking to bees and reversing climate change.

Each epic movie trailer showed the viewer where their life could lead if they proudly embraced being a dummie and admitted they don’t know everything.


Lights, Camera, Action

The iamadummie.com website enabled you to take a photo of your face and integrate it into an amazing blockbuster movie trailer based on a learning theme. Whether saving the world from aliens or being President, it could only happen once you admit you’re a dummie.

Starting something great

The exciting and sharable digital engagement piece was also supported through different channels. This included in-store print, social media and a fun online quiz. All these supporting elements directed people to the new refreshed dummies website.

We want everyone to be a dummie and start something great.

Wiley For Dummies