Lunch App

Let’s do Lunch

Lunch is a social platform designed for food enthusiasts to share their discoveries and inspire others

Encouraging entrepreneurship

Fed up of being asked “What you doing for Lunch?” Xavier, Head of Digital at Forever Beta, had an idea—a user generated lunch index that suggests what to have based on your location. Having pitched the idea to the Beta Labs incubator program, the Lunch app was born.

We have since developed the brand identity, UX, UI, onboarding, design and build. Plus, Xavier has begun approaching angel investors and Forever Beta happens to be one of them.


One for the sensible eaters. This section is filled with all the best healthy lunch options, from salads to sushi sets.


There’s nothing wrong with feeling hungry, is there? In this section, you’ll find the most filling dishes around you.


Fancy something special? This is the “once-in-a-while” section, for when you’re feeling frivolous or want to treat yourself.


The end of the week treat. It’s Friday and the only thing you can think about is naughty food – we’ve got you covered.


The Lunch app gives you in real time the distance you have to walk to get to the dishes you want.


Follow the leader! The Lunch app will even show you how to get there.


The Lunch app gathers all your local food destinations on one map.


See how people have rated the food in your area, then, find it, eat it and rate it yourself.

New ventures

We are currently developing the Lunch app for the Apple Watch. Soon, you will be able to receive real time lunch suggestions at places around you.