HTC’s brilliant U11


The brilliant U11

Squeeze to turn me on


  • 12.12.2017


  • Creative concept
  • Social Media


  • 6 Sheet
  • 48 Digital Board
  • Phonebooths
  • Ticketgates
  • LEP’s
  • Digital banners
  • Social posts
  • TV

Everyone has a serious side, a fun side, a brilliant side. Over the last 20 years, HTC have developed technology firsts to help everyone pursue their own brilliance. With the launch of their new phone, the U11, HTC have a new cutting edge way to interact with your phone–the squeeze.


Squeeze, it’s easy

Working directly with the President of HTC we helped the brand recognise the power of their new Edge Sense technology and set about helping them own the squeeze.

The campaign started with a teaser film, culminating with the launch film on the 16th of May.


In a fitting end to a great year, the campaign delivered really strong results showing you don’t need a megastar to hit the right note at Christmas.

Our advertising was

ranked #1

for generating positive sentiment out of all Christmas ads and earned us Co-op’s first 5* rating from David Reviews.

The business results echo this success:

Co-op was the only retailer to beat its 2017 growth rate

whilst our market share increased for the 7th period in a row.