Gett Taxi Wars


Gett Taxi Wars


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GETT ready

It was time for Gett to take New York’s centre stage and slip into the fast lane. How? By stealing market share from competitor taxi apps, such as the likes of Uber.

Gett Taxi Wars

This means war

We created the $10 holla, giving New Yorkers unlimited cab rides throughout Manhattan for $10 flat-rate at the touch of a button. Any time, every day - no matter what the traffic had to throw at us.

Gett Flyer

Put ‘em up

Launched in September and lasting throughout the rest of 2014, the offer took publications such as The New York Post, The Huffington Post and BetaBeat by storm. As well as being a hot topic of discussion on Twitter.

Rise up

The introduction of the offer saw Gett usage rise 3,000% – making for one hell of a success story.

Gett Taxi Wars


Since the $10 holla, Gett have taken their rightful place among the bright lights of New York - if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.