Curry night is better together


Curry night is better together

How hot can you go?


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  • Retail strategy & POS
  • Colleague engagement


  • TV
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  • Social
  • Digital
  • In-store

The brief

Building on our Togetherness platform, we were tasked by the Co-op to bring people around the table over one of Britain’s favourite dishes: curry. Like few other dishes, curry has created a national bank of shared experiences that revolve around the joy of being together with friends and family, making it the perfect fit for our Togetherness campaign platform. Fact is, curry night is better together.

With a wide variety of products and offers in store, from chilled ready meals, to 100% fresh British meat and cupboard essentials, the aim was to promote Co-op as the destination shop for evening mid week meal occasions. Highlighting how easy it is to pick up everything you need at Co-op for the perfect curry night.


Campaign insight

The campaign went live at the end of February, when we have left the colder months behind and start to look towards the year ahead. After being busy with Christmas and getting started on the new year, we start to reach out to friends and family to see how they are - it’s a time to catch up over a delicious, hot meal.

Consumer insight

To identify the best possible springboard for our creative teams, we explored the world of curry and people’s behaviour around the dish. In our discovery phase, we found two things that we thought were significant for the creative process:

  • There’s not one single way to make a curry - you can put whatever you like in there, making it an easy and highly versatile dish.
  • When it comes to curry, people tend to get rather competitive about how much spice they can handle.
Curry night is better together
Curry night is better together


For TV, we needed something that would be emotionally engaging and entertaining. Working with the ever-so-talented Gus Filgate, we created an ad in which we turned up the heat and had a bit of fun by depicting a ‘meet the parents’-style scenario where the new boyfriend takes on the seasoned father in a curry chilli challenge. Let’s just say, things get heated.

Through press, radio, digital, social and in-store, we push the versatility of the nation’s favourite dish, which allowed us to engage with the spice fans as well as the Korma kings and queens. This approach enabled us to show the range of products the Co-op offers, while highlighting how easy it is to cook up a curry. All of which helped us position the Co-op as the place you go for an easy mid-week meal.


The data is still simmering on the stove, so we can’t give you a taste of the results just yet.

But we are proud to say that