Christmas is better together


Christmas is better together



  • Brand strategy and design
  • Integrated comms campaigns
  • Digital content and social strategy
  • Retail strategy and POS
  • Colleague engagement


  • TV
  • Radio
  • Press
  • Social
  • Digital
  • In-store

The Brief

Culminating our year long campaign, Christmas needed to build on the established foundations and firmly drive sales in the most competitive of seasons.

Having already donated £19 million to local causes up and down the country, we weren’t looking to spend millions on an all singing and dancing production. We just wanted to show how our delicious food brings people together at Christmas.


Campaign Insight

Christmas isn’t just about the big day itself. It’s about the little get-togethers throughout the season. Sharing the little moments full of friends, fun, and delicious food, making Christmas better together.

Consumer Insight

Christmas starts at different times or moments for different people. Is it when you take your first bite of a mince pie? Hear the opening notes to Fairytale in New York? Or is it when you play the first round of Charades? We all kick off Christmas in our own way and this insight was the foundation of our seasonal campaign.


We brought our Year of Eating Together to a climax with more of Gus Filgate’s food wizardry on TV; a choir of angels heralded mince pies and our camembert was dunked with the panache of a Tom Daley dive. Hardworking, product-focused 10” spots complimented our brand film.

In press and outdoor Co-op’s award winning range came to the fore, building excitement for special products by counting down to their release in-store.

In the run up to the big day we leveraged sales data to develop tactical press letting shoppers know that the Co-op was open for all their last minute panics, importantly at the right moment.

Christmas is better together


In a fitting end to a great year, the campaign delivered really strong results showing you don’t need a megastar to hit the right note at Christmas.

Our advertising was

ranked #1

for generating positive sentiment out of all Christmas ads and earned us Co-op’s first 5* rating from David Reviews.

The business results echo this success:

Co-op was the only retailer to beat its 2017 growth rate

whilst our market share increased for the 7th period in a row.