Absolut Labs


A platform for

Iconic innovation

As one of the most iconic creative brands in history, Absolut knows how to stay ahead of the curve. They know they need to embrace the new digital world, and the emerging digitally native generations of consumers within it. We were challenged by Absolut to help them understand and embrace the future of their brand.

Brooklyn Bridge

A place to experiment

We knew that as a large global organization The Absolut Company would be bound by layers of structure and process and that we would need to be able to operate outside of this to truly explore the future of their brand. Our solution, we created Absolut Labs, a think tank, idea generator and venture fund for the brand to explore the future of nightlife.

Located in New York – the global hub of music, art and technology the Absolut Labs is structured to generate new ideas, concepts and insights that will elevate people‚Äôs nightlife experiences and deepen social connections with the brand.

Beta testing for the future

As a backbone to the Absolut Labs, we created the Absolut Nightlife 100, a hand picked group of the 100 most influential people in nightlife in the US. This ensures the Absolut Labs have a finger on the pulse and access to the people shaping nightlife culture.

Further to creating a groundbreaking network of influencers the role of the Absolut Labs is to prototype, beta test and launch a series of new ideas that will connect with consumers at various moments throughout their night. Visit theabsolutlabs.com for a real time view of the latest projects and initiatives to emerge from the Absolut Labs.

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