Co-op groceries delivered to your door, fast
27 Mar 2019 - LDN

Co-op groceries delivered to your door, fast

Bringing Co-op even closer to it's customers

Co-op have launched an online delivery and click & collect service.

Why? Because...The online grocery market is growing 15% YoY, and 30% of online ‘missions’ are now for ‘top up’ or ‘meal for tonight’ purchases - exactly Co-op’s core market.

We have been working with Co-op to launch the online service and to position Co-op in the online grocery delivery market. When developing our initial strategic thinking for the launch, we considered how convenience is defined by the person, not by the business. Co-op are already convenient, by definition, so this launch was about giving customers more options, to choose what’s most convenient for them in that moment.

With our creative approach, we developed a distinctive and attention grabbing look and feel. Through our ‘fast’ typography and eye-catching visuals, we brought to life the most compelling (and convenient) part of the online delivery - speed. The look and feel will be rolled out across in store and digital/social communications.

Within the service a courier can deliver grocery items within as little as two hours, for a standard £5 charge on a minimum £15 spend. The service will launch for shoppers within a four kilometre radius of a store on the Kings Road in London’s Chelsea, before being rolled out to a further eight London stores.