Curry night is better together
27 Feb 2019 - LDN

Curry night is better together

How hot do you go?

Our established togetherness platform inspires people to get together midweek around great home cooked food. And, in our latest instalment of the campaign, we focus on Britain’s most loved dish - curry.

Whether you make it mild as milk or blow your head off hot - chuck in leftover broccoli or pop it in the microwave, there’s one thing for certain, curry is the perfect midweek meal to serve up with friends.

Across the campaign we emphasise just how easy and versatile cooking up a curry really is. And in TV, things heat up a little. Introducing a new boyfriend to the parents - who have served up a fantastic spread of curries and accompaniments. A stand-off between the father and boyfriend ensues, the pair end up in a close, heat-off challenge. Piling their curries higher and higher with chillies, results in the pair expressing some questionable breathing techniques.

Once again shot by Gus Filgate, delivering our consistent and unique food styling, we showcase the quality Co-op food, be it scratch cook or ready meal.