Halloween is better together
17 Oct 2018 - LDN

Halloween is better together

Sharing’s scaring.

Halloween is the most community-oriented time of year. Across the country people can be seen coming together to make great memories and spread the joy. It’s a time for some fiendish fun!

Trick or treating with the neighbours, carving faces into pumpkins, and serving spooky snacks in the shape of witches and ghouls – the more we get involved the more fun it is, and great food is key to making that happen.

But it’s not just our devilishly tasty produce that brings people together. When members buy Co-op Halloween products, 1% goes towards funding community projects like sports clubs for little monsters.

Through our integrated campaign, we showcase Co-op’s delicious own brand Halloween products and the role they play in bringing everyone together, from friends and family to zombies, werewolves and spider-dogs.