Forever Beta launches CBA Party
6 Jun 2017 - LDN

Forever Beta launches CBA Party

The Can’t Be Arsed Party joins the 2017 election run.

In 2015, there were 15.9 million people who registered but didn’t vote - that’s more people than voters for any other party. This made it the biggest political party. We wanted to put a name to this party and so called it the Can’t Be Arsed Party. THE CBA Party.

The idea was simple: to create a political party and create a political broadcast which used humour to make people realise how crazy and ridiculous it is not to exercise their right to vote.

We’ve reached 1.8 million views in a week with no paid media investment, making news around the world including on the BBC, Huffington Post and Yahoo. But all we want is for people to be arsed and vote, it’s important. 8 June 2017. Vote.