Time for a new squeeze?
26 May 2017 - LDN

Time for a new squeeze?

Forever Beta launch the new HTC U11 with edge sense technology.

As we continue to partner with HTC and explore how they help unlock the brilliant U, we were challenged to create a tease and launch campaign for the new U11. In a flooded market it’s easy to see all phones as the same - but the U11 has something that the other don’t - new edge sense technology. This new way to interact with your phone lets you unlock your phone and all your potential with just a squeeze.

Our film highlights how natural and intuitive the action of squeezing is, and how it informs the way we experience the world. Whether it’s the mashing a lemon, squirting paint, or a tender embrace—we all experience the world through the squeeze.

Matt Saunby, ECD: “Since the beginning time man has squeezed mangos to see if they’re ripe and ready to eat. Now you can squeeze your phone to get a Jalfrezi delivered to your door—what a world we live in.”

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