The camera rolled, so did the tears...
20 Mar 2017 - LDN

The camera rolled, so did the tears...

Forever Beta launch Co-op’s Make your Mother’s day campaign.

Mums are special. So this year, as well as reaching for the usual flowers, chocolates and cake we wanted to inspire people to think a bit more about mum and do something special that would really make her day.

The campaign stars a real-life daughter called Emma, and her mum June, and centres around an emotionally engaging social film.

Emma was found through a series of vox pops on the streets of London, where we asked passers by the question: "How are you planning to make your mum’s day on Mother’s Day?" Out of lots of responses Emma's answer stood out. There was only one thing to do - turn her amazing idea into a social film.

Emma wanted to do something really special for her mum - convert some old home movies not seen in decades into a digital format. In the 90 second film we watch Emma as she plans the best Mother’s Day ever. We see her in the loft searching for the films, visiting a specialist film shop, turning her mum’s front room into a cinema and then surprising her with the whole family gathered round.

As the camera rolled so did the tears.