Spreading festive cheer with the <span class=nowrap>Co-op</span> Goodwill Stocking drop
13 Dec 2016 - LDN

Spreading festive cheer with the Co-op Goodwill Stocking drop

Co-op colleagues give back to people who have done good in the community

Last Christmas, Co-op encouraged customers to gift bags of food to people in their community. They called it the #DoorstepChallenge. This year, they tasked us with making it bigger, better and even more festive.

We strapped on our Santa hats, got thinking and turned the bags into the iconic Christmas stocking shape. As Co-op is an integral part of the community, the stockings shouldn’t just go to people in need, but to people who deserve it; people who do good deeds for others all year round.

How did we find these people? We challenged our store colleagues; those at the heart of local communities, to have a think about someone who deserves some goodwill this Christmas. Each store received 10 stockings to fill with festive treats, and spread our goodwill message.

The film is being aired across Co-op’s social channels and is supported by paid media.