The Rocket Fuel Space Programme
20 Oct 2016 - LDN

Forever Beta are proud to present...
The Rocket Fuel Space Programme

We built a fully functioning one-man space rocket, what could possibly go wrong?

Forever Beta were challenged to change the perception of Rocket Fuel Coffee with their target audience, 18-25 year old UK males, increase brand awareness and gain supermarket listings, using a small media budget.

Researching the category competition, allowed us to surface our insight, ‘Why have wings when you can have rockets?’ After partnering with The Lad Bible, who had the perfect target audience and reach for our objectives (their fans watch a millennium’s worth of their content every month), we worked closely to craft something that would be highly engaging. This non-traditional brand needed a non-traditional channel partner, and this was a perfect fit.

After recruiting one of the top amateur rocket builders in the business, Ben Jarvis, we went about creating our very own one man space rocket. Our Face For Space competition found the perfect man for the mission, Stephen Palmer, who as a crane driver was used to operating heavy machinery, had a head for heights and wanted to ride the rocket into outer space.

As you can see from the film, things didn’t quite go to plan, but this is the beginning of a new approach to reaching audiences that circumvents the traditional model. Onwards and upwards.