Forever Beta’s Stuart Hogg on Creative Feedback
3 May 2016 - LDN

Forever Beta’s Stuart Hogg on Creative Feedback

Give Better Creative Feedback to Get Better Results

Whether you’re working with an agency, your in-house creative team, or a freelancer, knowing how to give feedback in a productive way will save you time, money, and keep team morale high. And whilst giving feedback is easy, giving constructive, useful feedback takes some practice.

It’s a topic that comes up frequently - far more frequently than you would think in the marketing world. So we’ve teamed up with Primer, a free mobile educational app from Google, and authored a new lesson called Give Better Creative Feedback to Get Better Results.

Our lesson in Primer presents you with some simple steps you can follow - from providing a good brief, creating a positive environment to give feedback, and how to provide a concrete rationale and justifications to back up your feedback.

You’ll even come up with 3 key questions that you can ask your creative team to make sure the creative process runs smoothly, actively, and that you’re openly engaging in dialogue at all times. You can do this lesson when you’re on the go or whenever you have a few minutes free.

Download the free app now for iPhone and Android.