Be a Good Egg
14 Mar 2016 - LDN

Be a Good Egg

Forever Beta and the Co-op inspire the nation to do good this Easter

How do you get The Co-op onto people’s radar as a trustworthy, quality food retailer and set the brand apart during the highly competitive Easter food retail period?

Well, here at Forever Beta, we created a fun, friendly and positive campaign that encouraged customers to buy Co-op food as treats for others (rather than themselves) and inspire people to do good around their communities.

Celebrating small acts of random kindness, our “Be a Good Egg” campaign reminded people how easy it is to provide little, spontaneous treats to others around them in return for big smiles and good spirit.

We launched a nationwide hunt for Good Eggs with a suite of highly engaging ‘Social Eggsperiment’ videos, which captured the public acting out good deeds through hidden cameras. We then asked the nation to nominate a Good Egg they knew through the Co-op’s social media channels. The Good Egg hunt was truly on.

Whether it was through POS, Press, Outdoor, radio or digital videos and the social campaign, our message aimed to proudly showcase what 'good' looks like in real life - whether that’s good food; good ethics and products; or the good people of the UK and Co-op.