Whoever. Wherever. Be There.
31 Jul 2015 - LDN

Whoever. Wherever. Be There.

Absolut Reality debuts with Bob Moses 360° VR content

Absolut Reality is the first project to be born from The Absolut Labs, an idea incubator and think tank operated by Forever Beta. The Absolut Labs is an innovation space that gives the brand permission to experiment and develop new ways of working that will help define the future of nightlife and the role of the Absolut brand within it.

Utilizing recent breakthroughs in virtual reality technology, Absolut Reality is a beta test program that is at the cutting edge of virtual reality capabilities. The core of the idea is to create a global broadcast platform for people around the world to experience Absolut events and creative collaborations from anywhere in the world - through immersive 360° virtual reality.

Visit absolutreality.com to learn more about the campaign.

Download the Absolut Reality app to experience immersive 360° VR content.
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