#ForeverBeats Part II
6 Nov 2014 - LDN

#ForeverBeats Part II

Good food. Great music. Even better tech

On the 23rd October, we held the second of our Forever Beats parties. Not that ‘party’ really covers it. While there was plenty of booze, that wasn’t the half of it. In true Shoreditch-meets-Silicon-Roundabout style, we had artists, awesome tech, and a magician. That’s just how we roll.

We had Jamie Green, who managed to rise above the noise and the excitement going on around him and etched his way through an enormous piece of art as we looked on in awe.

Technology came in the form of a walking, talking Nau Robot from Emotion Robotics, who responded to voice commands and danced upon a tabletop; and Inition, whose vertigo-inducing Virtual Reality headsets were mind-bendingly fun and a lot more difficult to master than they looked.

Speaking of bending minds, magician Charles Ray moved his hands quicker than eyes with his close-up magic tricks. Rumours that he left the party by turning into a bird and flying off into the night are, as yet, unsubstantiated. Add to that a 3D printer, a photobooth (thanks so much to Blue Steel Booths), awesome tunes, tonnes of booze (oh, so much booze) and, of course, the shiny happy Forever Beta people, and we think you’ll agree we had a pretty awesome party on our hands.

And we’ve already started planning the next Forever Beats, which will easily top the last. Stay tuned for more. If you’re interested in coming to the next Beats, showcasing art/technology or just getting in touch please contact us at beats@forever-beta.com.