Rocketman needed
6 Oct 2014 - LDN

Rocketman needed

Join the Rocket Fuel Space Programme

Today, together with our lovely client Rocket Fuel, we’re literally aiming for the stars. It’s the culmination of months of intergalactic engineering, as the fully functional 26ft rocket we have been preparing will parade the streets of Central London.

This is all part of the campaign for Rocket Fuel, a coffee energy drink with added guarana, which sees us search for a brave prospect to be the face of our Space Programme.

A spokesperson at Rocket Fuel commented: ‘After watching Red Bull’s Felix Baumgartner fall from the stratosphere like some sort of schoolgirl, we asked ourselves (and some serious men with lab coats and beards) ‘why have wings when you can have rockets?’ The Rocket Fuel Space Programme was then born.

The brave entrants can upload their entry video at RocketFuelSpaceProgramme.com and in early November, the lucky winner will have the best seat in the house for the full launch. The whole event will be live-streamed and a film will be made capturing the endeavour.

Alan Fayolle, Managing Partner at Forever Beta says, ‘As an agency who are perpetually in beta, we are constantly looking for new ways to propel our client partners into the stratosphere and there’s no better way than in a rocket. It takes a great deal of effort and commitment to get a campaign like this away from both the Forever Beta team and obviously our friends at Rocket Fuel. Come November, it’s going to be a blast.’