Meet Roy the Dino
20 Jun 2014 - LDN

Meet Roy the Dino

Forever Beta launches dinosaur campaign for GetTaxi

GetTaxi, London’s premier black taxi booking app, have launched a new guerrilla campaign masterminded by Shoreditch based advertising agency, Forever Beta, and produced by The Mill. Londoners may recognise ‘Roy the Dino’, the large orange, taxi-loving T-Rex from mysterious ‘Missing’ and ‘Get The Truth About Dinosaurs’ posters spotted across the capital since April.

The campaign also featured classified ads that appeared in London based newspapers, The Metro and Evening Standard, which appealed for his safe return after his disappearance from an Essex diner. The ads led the way for the #FindRoy movement across social media, with desperate appeals to find Roy, the 23 ft tall orange dinosaur. But it didn’t stop there. The speculation continued, appearing in well known publications such as The Huffington Post and The Poke, who all wanted to get in on the action.

Roy the Dino reached out to London taxi firms via Twitter on Friday 30th May asking for help getting around, so that he could live life to the max in London. It was then that GetTaxi took Roy under their wing and adopted the playful prehistoric as their own. Enabling the 65 million year-old to live life as Londoners do and fulfilling his YOLO mentality. With GetTaxi’s loyalty to London’s black taxi drivers and committal to no minimum fare, Roy decided to grab the offer with both his little hands.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Roy, as you’re likely to be seeing a lot more of him as his face can now be seen lighting up GetTaxi across film, outdoor, digital and social platforms. Discovering the capital in the best way he can, a famous black taxi.

Rich Pleeth, GetTaxi’s Chief Marketing Officer explained: ‘We’re delighted Roy has chosen GetTaxi as his app of choice. He wants to explore London, he’s ambitious, wants to get around easily and be driven by someone who has done ‘the Knowledge’. I’m intrigued to see what he has planned for the rest of the year.’

Pleeth added, ‘However peculiar this whole thing may sound, Roy is a positive role model and an inspiration to all those who were unaware of the benefits technology like GetTaxi can bring to their lifestyle. He is truly an inspiration. Roy’s even released his own self-made dance video and personal website to raise awareness of dinosaurs — watch out for the single!’

Robin Gadsby, CEO of Forever Beta said: ‘Our target audience in London is bombarded with branding every second of the day. All with very similar propositions and visual identities. To reach them, we needed to be bold and create something to get people to re-appraise their current way of getting around London, and in doing so consider GetTaxi. We don’t have the budgets of other companies so we needed a disruptive, content led approach to get traction.’

The launch comes at a time when black taxis are a hot topic in the press, as Hailo recently announced that they were applying for a private car licence, sending taxi drivers into uproar. GetTaxi have positioned themselves as the black taxi only service, due to the quality of the drivers who famously have to pass ‘the Knowledge’ to qualify.

Keep an eye out on the streets of London and online for #RoyTheDino and his latest escapades and dino-antics.

Check out Roy and download the GetTaxi app at roythedino.com.