Forever Beta explodes
20 Jun 2014 - LDN

Forever Beta explodes

On 24 that is. Live Another Day, triggers agency mission

If you saw this week’s episode of ‘24: Live Another Day’, you’d have seen Forever Beta towers be blown to smithereens. Fortunately, this was done in post-production with some magic special effects and our agency was untouched when we arrived yesterday morning. The shoot happened outside our office a few weeks ago and we had no idea that our Shoreditch hub of creativity was being blown up!

This got us thinking, if Jack Bauer saves the world in 24 hours, we could tackle clients briefs in the same time. No faffing, no long client briefings, pitch agencies, kick off sessions, meetings about meetings or any of that nonsense. We’ll take brand’s briefs for your challenge and respond in 24 hours. BOOM!

Launching: #24brief, the fastest, agile and responsive approach to tackling briefs. We are taking on 24 brand briefs for gratis. If your brand challenge is accepted via this form we’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted and will respond with our proposal within 24 hours.

Forever Beta’s CEO, Robin Gadsby said:

“Being inspired by the high octane pace and real time nature of 24 we are launching #24brief. As the fastest creative agency in London, We are looking to crack business problems in 24 hours. We can provide strategic business guidance, UX overhauls, real time content opportunities, social campaigns and advertising concepts for brave brands. For those who are uninspired by their agencies and are looking for fresh creative solutions we see this as an alternative to out-dated pitching processes.”

For those Marketing Directors or Brand Managers who have an immediate challenge or are simply curious to see what we can come up with, then complete the form and we’ll get back to you.

The countdown is on…