Pulling out the big guns

Making magic

Kazam needed a fun and engaging way of showcasing the extra services they offer with their phones, while demonstrating their unmatched value for money over competitors.


We created a series of short films that brought Kazam’s services to life – in a simple, yet charming way. And, put the real things that matter to customers under the spotlight - their products and services. Kazam don’t waste money on adverts filled with film stars or sports legends, they let their products do the talking for them and spend it where it counts.

The services we focused on were Kazam Rescue, Kazam Screen Replacement and Kazam 3-Year Warranty.

We created three individual films for each of the three services, using a mixture of stop frame and CG animation.


Secrets revealed

Along the way, we created our own behind the scenes video to share a glimpse into what was involved in the production of the films. Check it out below.



The films have been used at various trade shows and events, including Mobile World Congress with an estimated 80-90,000 visitors.

They have also featured heavily on Kazam’s social channels and are due to be translated into 6 other languages.