Ready to rock

Let’s rock

Turning Google Partner
agencies into rockstars

Tuning in

Google Partners are digital advertising agencies who help clients succeed online with AdWords. The problem was that these agencies found it easier to poach clients from other agencies — growing their business, but not Google’s — rather than actively seeking out new clients.

The power of rock

In 2015, we created a year long campaign to motivate Google Partners to win new business, grow existing clients and improve their reputations by turning them into rockstars. Cue...
We empowered agencies to rock business and put on the performance of their careers — sharing the latest trends and insights along the way through our online hub, G+ and monthly eDMs.

We split the year into quarterly rock ‘albums’.

Each album was sent as a DM pack complete with album sleeve, vinyl record, 3 monthly calendar posters, a vinyl frame, plus an interactive music player to rock out to.

There were even merchandise and rockstar prizes up for grabs - including a trip to Google HQ in California.

Regular eDMs and G+ support meant that Google Partner agencies had even more continued and timely support throughout the year.

The final countdown

Google Partners became the ultimate Ready to Rock superstars and put on a show of a lifetime for their clients. Now they have everything they need to continue rocking business and get new fans singing across the globe.