Magic moments

Magic moments

Three, it’s the
magic number

New year, new toys

After Christmas, millions of employees were armed with new devices – be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. But what they didn’t know was that they could now use them for work, thanks to Google for Work.


On trend

Our challenge was to empower employees to embrace the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend and free them to work the way they want by going Google – starting with the insight that employees use an average of 3 devices for work.

Work your way

We created #WorkYourWay - an organic content led campaign, supported by UGC, online film and paid social to reach SMB owners and their employees globally. This was brought to life across Google for Work’s global Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.


23.5 million campaign impressions

Our online film, ‘Three’, showed the individuality of personal device cases. And, with it’s playful while insightful tone, inspired and built excitement within the IT sector.
202,000 organic views on our YouTube film.

Wrapped up

By engaging with consumers in a warm, human way, we empowered millions of employees to #WorkYourWay in 2015. Who ever said ‘three’s a crowd’?