meeting the neighbours

Meeting the

Bringing Google Partner agencies and local business together with Grow Local

Planting the seed

With over 6000 Google Partner agencies in the UK, Google wanted to show them all a bit of love - by empowering them to grow local business and help new clients succeed online with AdWords in a fun and memorable way.

Ready, steady, grow

We created an integrated campaign that showcased Google Partners as digital heroes to local business in their communities - by encouraging them to ‘Grow Local’. That way, they could expand their client base and help out the locals while they were at it.

phone icon The concept plays with the idea of ‘growing’ in the botanical sense providing fun and playful opportunities to engage with the Google Partners.

plane icon Grow Local is visually brought to life with charming hand drawn illustrations that represent the many different types of SMBsin the local community.

Flower power

We sent agencies the latest trends and insights wrapped up in charming pieces of DM and hosted real events - while encouraging them to engage and share their activity on G+ along the way. This helped them get new clients through the door and well on the way to becoming AdWords customers.

DM pack shot
DM pack shot
DM pack shot
DM pack shot

Seeds of success

Grow Local empowered Google Partner agencies and put them at the heart of local business growth—a result that was not only great for the agencies and Google, but for the local economy too.