Google Bookmark



Making our mark with strategists

Planners and strategist in the advertising industry use a host of sources to find their next creative insight; ThinkwithGoogle.co.uk is one of these, showcasing the latest uses of digital media. We needed the UK’s top strategists to bookmark the site to inspire their next campaign.

In the way that you’d bookmark a useful website or chapter of a book, we wanted to direct planners to key Think with Google content. Using their phones as a ‘bookmark’, planners could digitally unlock the very best case studies, tools and articles from Google.


Quality content. Quality design

Our audience are highly discerning people so we had to create an experience to impress. From the luxury paper stock to the hand stitched binding, we created a book you couldn’t put down.

  • Book 1
  • Book 2
  • Book 3
  • Book 4
  • Book 5
  • Book 6
  • Book 7
  • Book 8
  • Book 9
  • Book 10
  • Book 11

Talking Bookmarks

We pulled our Bookmark concept off the shelf and onto social media, interviewing three top strategists about the books which influence their lives.



For the final component of the campaign, Bookmark ThinkwithGoogle.co.uk went on the road in the shape of pop up libraries in some of London’s top media and creative agencies. Our shelves were stacked with pages of inspiration and the Nexus tablets provided the full Bookmark ThinkwithGoogle experience for all to explore.