Roy The Dinosaur

Meet Roy

You don’t need long
arms to hail a taxi

Prehistoric thinking

Without the backing of a big budget we had to think outside of this century to steal market share from the big boys of the taxi app world.



We created a guerilla campaign of large proportions (23ft in fact) to show that there’s a new kid in town. And voilà. Roy the GetTaxi loving dinosaur was born. Giving the brand the character and personality that others lacked.

Find Roy

It started when an unknown orange dinosaur named Roy went missing from an Essex diner with little more than a fanny pack and a smartphone. He soon began to pop up all over London in classified ads and ‘Missing’ posters.

Teasing with the second coming, we introduced ‘Get the truth about dinosaurs’ posters and saw the #roythedino movement on social media come to life.


Roy <3 GetTaxi

Having been stuck by the side of the road for 65 million years, we introduced him to GetTaxi. Now, he’s free to explore London in the style and comfort of a black cab. And the rest is dino history.

The big bang

The missing stage of our campaign generated over 13 MILLION impressions, launching Roy as a recognized brand ambassador.

In short (arms)

Since his rebirth Roy’s been making up for lost time and has recently secured partnerships for GetTaxi with TFL, Visit London, O2, HTC & AEG.

Not bad for a fiberglass dino that chews his own poop.