Making friends
with FPI

A new logo, a new look, a new voice. A new Friends Provident International brand world

Je ne sais quoi

With award-winning products and a rich heritage, FPI just needed that little extra to branch out and engage with their international markets.

It’s been emotional

We created a new FPI brand world and an emotional reason to engage with their audience. With a new logo, look and feel, as well as the new endline ‘Time invested in you’, we helped transform the face of the brand and realign it’s positioning.

Including imagery of everyday people, in everyday situations, we can express the values at the heart of the brand. Ease, empathy, expertise.

Brand new

Personable. Helpful. Confident.
These are the brand values that are now
carried through the new look and TOV.

Friends forever

With those extra little touches, making for a fresher and more personable brand, FPI now have everything they need to make a whole load of new friends around the world.