Local Shop of Horrors

The Goodwill
Stocking drop

Something for you for doing
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We wanted people to continue the spirit of last year’s successful #DoorstepChallenge, so we turned Co-op’s shopping bags into stockings for colleagues and customers to fill with delicious Co-op food and gift to those deserving in their local community.


Where it all began

We travelled to Rochdale, the birthplace of the Co-op, to create a heartwarming film of real colleagues handing out the filled stockings to deserving members of the community.

School Crossing Lady

Seeing is believing

We spread Christmas joy far and wide, amassing over 759k views and 1486 organic shares in just 2 weeks; on Co-op Food Facebook channel alone.

And our store colleagues delivered Christmas to over 30,000 doorsteps nationwide.

What a very merry Christmas.

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Local Shop of Horrors