Whatever your reason for flying, you’re only one word away – Cheapflights.

Fly direct to the website

We needed to encourage people to type the word ‘Cheapflights’ into their browsers and go directly to the website rather than simply searching ‘cheap flights’ and ending up elsewhere.

The campaign, spearheaded by OOH and supported by online activity, played on the funny and insightful reasons you might book a flight, which we then made into a single word to emphasise the fact you can search millions of flights with just one word – Cheapflights.

Cheapflights billboard

Keeping it edgy

The creative cheekily communicates the different amusing reasons why people might want to get away, such as a one night stand coming back to haunt you or because you want to pull a sickie at work.

Cheapflights on the Underground

Take your time

The OOH activity spans 16 sheets, rail car panels and tube panels and the media was bought in locations with high dwell time, to allow for longer, funnier and more engaging headlines that commuters are compelled to de-code.

Faster than you can say ‘Reykjavik’

Using the new Cheapflights OOH ‘oneword’ campaign we decided to have a friendly dig at the England team. The agency was briefed at 9am and the new digital OOH was lifting spirits by midday. If only the England players were that fast.

Cheapflights at the train station