Local Shop of Horrors

Local Shop of Horrors

We’ve hired monsters this Halloween

Bringing Halloween to life

The Local Shop of Horrors is back, this time, bigger, better and even tastier. We hired monsters to show us how to put on a real spooktacular Halloween.

We put the monsters in-store and in the community to create some fun.

We made several films, showing Co-op had hired monsters to bring Halloween to life in-store, in the kitchen and in the community. The goofy monsters made for hilarious hijinks as they helped out in the community, making the films very sharable.

In-store signage

The campaign expanded online, with more sharable content, including recipe videos for the food the monsters had created in the kitchen. Customers could follow the instructions and head in-store to create their own ghoulish Halloween recipes.

The monsters
Local Shop of Horrors