Search millions of flights with just one word
6 Jun 2016 - LDN

Search millions of flights with just one word

Forever Beta and Cheapflights team up to launch a cheeky new OOH campaign

We’ve just launched a new campaign for Cheapflights that encourages people to type the word ‘Cheapflights’ into their browsers and go directly to the website rather than simply searching ‘cheap flights’ and ending up elsewhere.

The campaign, spearheaded by OOH and supported by online activity, plays on the funny and insightful reasons you might want to leave the country, such as a one night stand coming back to haunt you or because you want to pull a sickie at work. We then made them into a single word to emphasise the fact you can search millions of flights with just one word – Cheapflights.

Underground poster in-situ 1

Underground poster in-situ 2